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We started in 1983 - leading international enterprise in Asian food products!

We can arrange direct container shipment to your business place, no matter where you are...

AJY International is one of the largest distributors of quality Asian Foods. We have over 25 years experience of obtaining and distributing a complete line of fine foods. We distribute dried foods, frozen foods, canned foods and bottled foods. Supermarkets, grocery stores, specialty stores and wholesalers are our prime customers.

Products are purchased in Asia and the Orient but our offices are located in northern, central and southern California, with strategically placed warehouses to help ensure product freshness.

Ramen Noodles

Ramen Noodles Everyone loves Ramen!

Ramen Noodles are usually served in a soup which can be made fresh or packaged so that it can be instantly prepared for on the go convenience. The dish normally consists of a broth, ramen noodles, and an assortment of toppings such as seaweed, corn, sliced pork, and green onions. Ramen is very popular in Korea and can be found at many establishments in many variations from quick and easy to first class gourmet. Instant Ramen requires little preparation: Boil water, pour, mix, and enjoy. It does not get much easier than that!


Korean Beverages Fruity Soda Drinks & Beverages and Healthy energy drinks!

Do you need Korean herbal drinks to boost your mental and physical energy? Do you want to try fruity yet healthy soft drinks? Or do you just want thirst quenching Asian soda drinks? You can choose from rice punch, plum, quince, orange, grape, peach, pear, apple and many other real fruit containing drinks. Or you can choose from many herbal drinks such as Aloe to help you fight fatigue, indigestion, cold or a hangover. Our drinks and beverages can be a great dessert for your whole family and friends.

Our business of beverage and Aloe drink has achieved many successes, meeting various demands of our consumers. Traditional Korean drinks like Shikhae (Korean rice punch) and Sujungua (Korean cinnamon punch) have continued to be loved by the consumers while our premium canned coffee, Santa Fe, has become one of the leading products in the market. Also, along with Cheju Mandarin, Gomtang E and Green Tea, over 50 different drinks of Korea Yakult have been sought after. In addition to our wide range of drinks, we have introduced and provided the purest mineral water Sam-mul Nara to our consumers since 1983.


Korean Snack and much more.